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Personal Bio

JP Seabright (she/they) has worked at a Butlins Holiday Camp, the British Library, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Médecins Sans Frontières, though fortunately not all at the same time.

They have spent a summer winding copper wire around diodes in a component factory, another summer planning the IT infrastructure of the London Olympic Park and a different summer working in Bangladesh in the monsoon season.

JP has travelled extensively, spending two years back-packing across South East Asia and the Antipodes, living and working in Amsterdam for three years, and embarking on lengthy campervan tours of both North Eastern Europe and its South Western corner, despite being a fairly incompetent driver.

They are an avid music lover and record collector, and on one memorable night played the drums in front of 80,000 people at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. Oh, and they once appeared in a Bollywood film. 

JP may or may not have been offered a job with The Security Service but can’t say anything about it because of the Official Secrets Act. Apparently, they have now “settled down” and are married with a daughter and living in London.

They remain deeply uncomfortable writing about themselves in the third person.

They can be contacted via the links to Twitter or email below.

Writing Bio

JP Seabright (she/they) is a queer writer living in London. They have three pamphlets published: Fragments from Before the Fall: An Anthology of Post-Anthropocene Poetry by Beir Bua Press (2021); the erotic memoir NO HOLDS BARRED  by Lupercalia Press (2022), and GenderFux, a collaborative poetry pamphlet, by Nine Pens Press (2022).

MACHINATIONS, an experimental collaborative work exploring the life and work of Alan Turing is out later in 2022 from Trickhouse Press, as is Be∞Cause, a microchap, from Ghost City Press. JP has published widely in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, and Middle East, with over 150 publications of poetry, prose, vispo, film poetry and other hybrid and experimental work. They also have work included in several anthologies, including: Queer Writing for a Brave New World from Out On The Page, Trickhouse Press 2022 Annual, Responses to Derek Jarman’s Blue by Pilot Press, and Re*Creation, A Queer Poetry Anthology.    

JP is Assistant Editor of Full House Literary Magazine, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in October 2021. They are Poet in Residence at Barberette during their 10th anniversary year. More of their work can be found at https://jpseabright.com and via Twitter @errormessage.

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