The Insomniac’s Almanac

The Insomniac’s Almanac

The Insomniac’s Almanac

I’ve been fortunate never to be homeless, but I’ve been down and out, attacked, ostracised and discriminated against due to my queerness. 

At a time when queer and trans youth are suffering more than ever from far right hate groups turning public and political support against them, it’s important we stand up for our trans and queer siblings. 

All sales and donations of this chapbook will be shared equally between The Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK, and The Trevor Project in the US. akt provides support to young LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness, whilst Trevor is a suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ+ young people.

The Insomniac’s Almanac is a short collection of poems, mixed with found text, photographs and AI generated images. As someone who knows only too well the daily suffering of chronic illness and insomnia, this book is offered as respite and sustenance to the sleepless, the restless, the aching and broken.

You may feel down and out, but you are beautiful and you are loved. 

With huge thanks to kith books for supporting this project and publishing this book.

You can buy a copy of the book from kith, or make a donation. I also have some copies if you would like a signed copy. All proceeds will be donated, however you choose to contribute.


Siobhan Dunlop reviews The Insomniac’s Almanac in their blog Fiendfully Reading

The Insomniac’s Almanac is, as the name suggested, a book of poems for a year of sleeplessness, moving from January to December. The hybrid layout combines altered photographs of sleep with the poems, which are stark like the unsleeping night, and the whole collection has a real feeling of the middle of the night, of an uncertain time that people shouldn’t be awake for. Each poem ends with the sort of generic advice given to people with insomnia, really highlighting the gulf between clinical advice and the poetic exploration of dealing with insomnia.”

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If you’ve made it down the page this far – congratulations! Treat yourself to a specially curated playlist to accompany The Insomniac’s Almanac.

And here also for your listening pleasure is a full reading of The Insomniac’s Almanac. If you’ve enjoyed listening to this, please consider buying a copy and/or donating to The Albert Kennedy Trust or The Trevor Project. You can do this by buying a copy via kith books, or directly from myself (via bigcartel or kofi) Thank you!

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