visual & audio

This page contains a selection of audio recordings of published work and short poetry films. Some of the videos are also hosted on my YouTube channel.

My most recent ‘poetry film’ is a full reading of my digital microchap Be ∞ Cause published by Ghost City Press The film itself was published on the Beir Bua Journal and can also be watched here.

Here’s a taster from GenderFux: 1994

Further sound pieces can be found in the dedicated site for Fragments from Before the Fall

A full reading of my chapbook The Insomniac’s Almanacclick here to buy or for more details

The number of Internet tabs I have open is inversely proportional to the amount of time I have to read them (Roi Fainéant Press)
Nocturnal Omissions (Impossible Archetype)

Bottling It (Selcouth Station)
Body of Work (Corporeal Magazine )

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