GenderFux is collaborative pamphlet that examines themes of gender, identity and sexuality from a queer and transmasculine perspective, created with Jem Henderson and Jonathan Kinsman and published by Nine Pens Press in February 2022.

GenderFux was shortlisted for BEST COLLABORATIVE WORK in the 2022 Saboteur Awards.

GenderFux was launched LIVE in London on Tuesday 24th May at the Peckham Pelican.

Most of this was captured on film and can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Here’s what John McCullough, award-winning Poet and author of Reckless Paper Birds and Panic Response (Penned In The Margins, 2019 and 2022) wrote about it:

Wow. Here are three poets conducting intimate experiments with sound and silence who take glorious risks with form and land on their feet. These poems explore with panache the difficult edges of experiences held in the body and heart. The confronted self becomes a ‘traveller / from the upper cretaceous’ or reverberates with ‘all my etcetera etcetera / this effeminate ephemera’. This is writing that sizzles and enlivens, whether navigating the maze of the new or taking exhilarating ownership of a consonant ‘clipped and certain of its ends and its beginnings.

Here’s what Kathryn O’Driscoll, UK Slam Champion, poet, performer and author of Cliff Notes (Verve Poetry Press, 2022) has to say about it:

GenderFux is the collaborative work of three immensely talented poets whose work all exists in the same uncomfortable but enduring space. These poems are bursting with the desperation to be heard, and they leave you enveloped in the rich worlds sketched on the page, and the haze of everything else left unsaid in the margins.

Holding space for queer trauma, love, sex, and pop culture references, GenderFux is a masterclass in full and complete portraiture that doesn’t leave anything out. It is tongue-in-cheek, brutal, evocative and electric – and will leave you with their words ringing in your ears.

Order your copy direct from Nine Pens Press. Both physical and digital copies available.

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Mab Jones reviews GenderFux in the February poetry round-up for BuzzMag, declaring it “vibrant, vivacious writing that’s energetic, intelligent, and extremely original – a joy to read.”

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