Apeiron (MONO Fiction, Issue 4)

Queens Road Peckham and High & Dry (Queer Life, Queer Love 2 anthology)

Cry Me A River and Tendrils (Ice Floe Press)

split/ting (fourteen poems, Issue 10)

A Journey Through The Photographic Archive Of Peter Hujar (Impossible Archetype, Issue 13)

Lamentations (for the Earth) (Trees, Seas & Attitude anthology, Black Cat Press)

e.yet.it.led (Responses to Untitled (eye with comet) (c.1985) by Paul Thek, Pilot Press)

Disintegration (Our Own Coordinates: Poems About Dementia, Sidhe Press)

Farther / Father (The Storms, Issue 2)

And who shall I say is falling? (Eggplant Tears, Knife-cut Issue)

[this is a heartbreak poem] collaboration with Ankur Jyoti Saikia (Dollar Store Mag, Love But Make It Cringe issue)

Not Waving But Dancing (We Apologize For The Inconvenience: Queer and Trans Voices Anthology, Beyond The Veil)

In the GUM Clinic at Whipps Cross, Gay Potato Girl and Three Piece Suit (Fifth Wheel Press)


Barberette (2nd placed winner, Local Poet of Forest Poets Competition)

Brown carpet tiles (TORCH anthology: A personal history of home)

Dr Bosch (Anthropocene Poetry)

Choices (Demos Rising anthology, Fly On The Wall Press)

Tenterhooks, Gender Lessons and Sex in Context (Corporeal Lit Mag)

Green Shutters and Leftovers (Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope, and Healing, Orchard Lea anthology)

Production and excitation of molecules by dissipation of two-dimensional turbulence (t’ART Magazine)

boy parts (in praise of inverts) (Eggplant Tears)

Traum/A, Falling Slowly Upwards and Special K (Arc Prose Poetry Anthology)

The number of Internet tabs I have open is inversely proportional to the amount of time I have to read them, Dictionary Definitions, B (B) A and London’s Daughter (Roi Fainéant Press)

Orchestral Manoeuvres and Family Matters (Olney Magazine, Featured Poet)

medusamessiah (Travesties?! Press)

Disco Nap (Impossible Archetype)

entropy (in the anthology Chronic(les) from Blood Moon Poetry

Grenga [An Inquiry Into Failure], One day, boxes and Precedented Times (Northern Gravy)

Yrevals (Culture Matters)

Behind This Mask / Another Mask (Re*Creation : A Queer Poetry Anthology)

Reading is Freedom (Poetic Map of Reading project, Southwark Libraries)

The moment he left the wall he was done for, they were on him from every side (One Hand Clapping)

Life’s a Butch (Powders Press)

Harvest (bellyful anthology by VIBE)

Europe Endless (VoidZine)

Nocturnal Omissions (Impossible Archetype)

Autumn and Elpis (Hope Rage Sunflowers anthology, proceeds donated to supporting the people of Ukraine)

Bottling It (Selcouth Station, also includes audio recording)

BLU / R (Responses to Derek Jarman’s Blue anthology from Pilot Press)

CUM SHOTS, semaphore and My girlfriend is in Paris (Punk Noir Magazine)

there is a light and whistle for attracting attention (Sledgehammer Lit Mag)


Three Word Slogan (Queer Writing for a Brave New World anthology by Out On The Page)

Stations of the Cross (Sledgehammer Lit Mag)

nineteen (Corporeal Lit Mag)

Yellow Warning Sign (Re-Side)

Some Fucking Places, F-Word, De-Generation, Oh Lover Come Quick & PARADE (Vulcanalia anthology by Lupercalia Press)

/ˈmiːnwʌɪl/ (Lost Futures, Vol 2 meanwhile…)

Spilt Milk (one of 60 poems chosen by the Royal Society of Literature to launch their Write Across London map of poetry written during “Covid lockdown”)

One good pill deserves another & Proverbs 31:6-7 (Versification Addiction and Recovery special issue)

Terms of Endearment and Tubular Belles (Tattie Zine)

Summer Night City (Briefly Write)

breath(less) (Hecate Magazine’s BIRTH anthology)

This is how I desire you and Revelation (Tipping the Scales Pride issue)

Poached and quincunx (Untitled, Voices 3, Vol 2)

nib-nicks (2nd place in Versification Punk Haiku Contest)

Spin the Bottle (Punk Noir Magazine)

G.A.S.P. (Gay/Amateur/Shame/Public) (Punk Noir Magazine)

Solitudinal & Lines on having lost a friend, not once, but twice (Selcouth Station)

Cruising for a Bruising, Wardrobe, Identification & Conjugate (Queerlings)

Life Sentences, Blank, crazed animals & Miasma (Punk Noir Magazine)

G7 (Howling Press)

Cage & Kane (Babel Tower Notice Board)


The Opposite of Things (Untitled, Voices 2)


Words break free (competition shortlisted and published in the print anthology Fresher Publishing)


Nineteen (My Mother Threw Knives anthology)

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