Traum/A is an abecedarian catalogue of experimental, visual and prose poetry on the causes and symptoms of trauma. Reflecting both the light and dark of human experience, the work veers from harrowing to honesty and humour. Published by fifth wheel press on 16th May 2023.

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Book Launch

There was an online launch for Traum/A on Thursday 18th May, where I was joined by the wonderful writers nat raum, Leia Butler, Stuart McPherson, and Raegen Pietrucha reading their work. You can watch a recording of that launch below.

Reviews & Interviews

Three extracts from Traum/A, along with an interview, feature on Sidhe Press’ Meet the Poet series.

On the fifth wheel press blog, I discuss the creation and inspiration behind the book with their Art Editor Aden Weisel.

There’s a short review of Traum/A by Siobhan Dunlop on her blog Fiendfully Reading.

And an in-depth review by Peter Devonald published in London Grip.

Traum/A Trailer

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