Consumption (Earth 2.0 anthology of short stories, Nottingham Writers Studio)


The Whole World Into The Trap (CNF, VoidZine)

Machines of Loving Grace (short, Cape Magazine)

Time Passes (micro, runner up in London Lit Lab Queer Writing Competition)

Our Words, Our Lives: Writing and ME (CNF, Lucy Writers Platform)

One Small Step (short story, Crossing the Tees Book Festival anthology)

Consumption (short story, Chaotic Merge magazine)

Bus Flagging for Women in the 21st Century: An Updated Guide (Untitled Writing Voices, Vol 4)

Weekend Pick-Me-Up (short story, Queerlings, issue 5)

The Bank Job and Cropped (microfictions, Birdseed Magazine)

Plague Hotel (short story, Necro Magazine)

The Copyeditor’s Lament (flash fiction, Janus Literary)


Mull & Whine (CNF, Fahmidan Journal)

Mother and Child Reunion (short story, MumWrite Anthology)

Crumbs (CNF, Fragmented Voices Heart/h anthology)

Rothko & Chips (short story, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine)

Bin Day (flash fiction, Punk Noir Magazine)

Body of Work (CNF, Corporeal Lit Mag, also with audio recording)

Your Mother’s Back (CNF, Her Stry)

Cruciferous (flash fiction, Sledgehammer Lit Mag)

Therein: A Life, in Pieces (extract from WIP “anti-memoir”, Postscript Magazine, Sick issue)

Vignette (short story, Close to the Bone)

Je m’appelle Joëlle (CNF, Southchild Lit Technicolor Sunrise)

She wets her finger in anticipation (flash fiction, Th Daily Drunk)

False / Memory / Psychosis (CNF, Punk Noir Magazine)

Circus Subterraneous (Third Prize in the Wild Hunt Magazine Short Story Competition, also nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

SPEED->SPENT->SPUNK->SPILT and GO FASTER! (flash fiction, Punk Noir Magazine)

Monet at the Bus Stop (flash fiction, Sledgehammer Lit)

Therein: A Life, in Pieces (WIP CNF listed as a Special Mention in Spread The Word Life Writing Prize)

SPOILER ALERT (flash fiction, Fugitives & Futurists)

The Offputter (flash fiction, The Daily Drunk)

Love Poem (micro fiction, Sledgehammer Lit)

Plucked (micro fiction, Babel Tower Notice Board)

Foetal Position (short story, Fugitives & Futurists and Highly Commended in the Frome Short Story Competition)


The Dollhouse (flash fiction, Palm Sized Press)

Code 6 on Platform 3 (flash fiction, Virtual Zine)


Eye Spy (short story, Second Prize in the Henshaw Press Short Story Competition and published in their third Anthology (available on Amazon here)


Vertigo (short story, Diva Magazine)

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