No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred

“A sexy raunchy erotic memoir of sorts…the divine experience of the trans/queer body” is out now from Lupercalia Press.

The four short stories in No Holds Barred tell the truth (mostly) about queer identity and sexuality in all its messy sexy reality. From polyamorous partnerships, the joy of the dyke rack and passing in public, coming out, enby sex and envious ex-lovers, modern genderqueer life is here.

No Holds Barred was launched online on 23rd April with readings from the other four 2021-22 chapbook publications from Lupercalia Press.

Some of this was recorded and is available to view on my YouTube channel.

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Review by Adrianna Jereb in Issue 17 from Stone of Madness Press:

“JP Seabright’s No Holds Barred (Lupercalia Press, 2021) is a queer diary of misadventures in love and sex. In this autobiographical collection of fiction spliced with poetry, an unnamed protagonist parties, enjoys kink, and falls (sometimes disastrously) in and out of love. These stories, like desire itself, are at times tangled, messy, and joyous.”

No Holds Barred is a stunning representation of sexuality itself, of all of the ways that it spreads and sticks. A satisfying blend of prose, poetry, and prose that sounds like poetry, it is both humorous and heartbreaking, and it delivers every flavour of shiver. The only missing taste is vanilla.”

Pascale Potvin, author of EROTECAY (2021) and Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing Magazine

No Holds Barred is bold, brutal and beautiful. These stories offer an adventure through queer joy, queer shame and all the nuance and realities in between and along the way. JP Seabright’s writing is vivid and visceral. These stories are both deeply personal and achingly relatable, full of scenes and stories which continue to resonate long after reading.”

Helen Bowie, author of WORD/PLAY (2021), performer, and Editor-in-Chief of Tattie Zine

One of the stories from No Holds Barred, Weekend Pick-Me-Up features in the latest issue of Queerlings magazine.

No Holds Barred has its very own soundtrack, featuring 69 songs that accompany the listener on the journey of identity and sexual exploration that unravels in the book.

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