vispo & expo

Four deconstructed sonnets from the LaMDA Sonnets series – published in Datableed (September 2022)

Glossary of Life as a Stream – collaboration with Ankur Jyoti Saikia in issue 80 of Streetcake (September 2022)

screwdriver (not included) – visual collage piece in the last issue of Tattie Zine (September 2022)

Exercise in Controlled Harmonic Observance – published in Mercurius (August 2022)

NOTWITHSTANDING – visual piece published in Streetcake, Issue 79 (July 2022)

Extracts from WiP An Attempt At Exhausting An Undergraduate Essay – published by Lucy Writers Platform (July 2022)

GOTCHA, i can’t hear myself think and Thing-Material-Action-Property – published by Pamenar Press (July 2022)

swum – visual prose published in the surreal issue of Fahmidan Journal (June 2022)

TEBAHPLA TELEGRAM – experimental piece published in Beir Bua Journal (May 2022)

the ready cure – vispo/collage published as part of National Poetry Month Canada (April 2022)

In the event of an incident vispo/collage published by Anamorpheoisis (April 2022)

Official Art Ration published in Streetcake issue 77 (March 2022)

O Yes! published in VoidZine for their special blackout poetry edition (Feb 2022)

Start by sending a pawn back, Towards * Whether and DONT published by Anvil Tongue (Feb 2022)

MANIFEST(O)URSELVES – a hybrid work in the Flux-themed anthology from Fifth Wheel Press (Jan 2022)

Movable Type – six panels from this experimental/vispo work published in the Trickhouse Press 2022 Annual (Dec 2021)

Movable Type II and Songs of Revelation III – two extracts of experimental work published in Babel Tower Notice Board (Dec 2021)

HandTwitchGlyph and Queneau Cutup Triptych – two vispo pieces published in Beir Bua Journal (Nov 2021)

Munros By Most Climbed – In Reverse Order of Popularity, Notes on Alternative Routes – hybrid found/flash published in the inaugural issue of Present Tense by Dahlia Books (Nov 2021)

Dear J – a visual poem published in Streetcake Issue 75.2 (Nov 2021)

Variant Also Negotiates – a found poem published in Overground Underground (Nov 2021)

CFS – a visual poem published by Corporeal Lit Mag (Sep 2021)

Dyscalculia – an experimental piece in issue 2.4 of Strukturriss (Sep 2021)

THIS IS NOT A POEM and this is the sound of my voice – two poetry films published by Permeable Barrier (Sep 2021)

Meanwhile – an ‘Audio-Visual Fiction’ published in Lost Futures, Vol 3, meanwhile… (Aug 2021)

Resting Butch Face – published by Babel Tower Notice Board (July 2021)

Experimental “review” using William S. Burroughs cut-up technique of Chris Kelso’s book, Burroughs and Scotland, Dethroning the Ancients (standard review of this can be read here) – published by Babel Tower Notice Board (July 2021)

Architect & two erasure poems from the collection Fragments from Before the Fall – published in Coven Poetry (July 2021)

P-2-P – published in Streetcake Issue 73.2 (June 2021)

, [comma] – published in Full House Lit Mag Wildcard Issue (June 2021)

Sanctus Interruptus – published in Beir Bua Journal (May 2021)

Unretrieved Device Fragments – published by Streetcake (April 2021)

Sappho Defragged & META – published by Babel Tower Notice Board (March 2021)

Reveal-Redact – published by Full House Lit Mag (Feb 2021)

First image is the author’s photo of the artwork Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future by MAURIZIO NANNUCCI on display outside the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.

All images & text copyright © JP Seabright 2021-22