Tubular Belles

This piece of flash fiction was published in June 2021 in the inaugural issue of the print-only Tattie Zine.

Just look at these beauties glistening with grease as I bend to lick the fat from your fingers my tongue capturing the juice from your chin as it drip drip drips below and threatens to spoil your new white shirt in which we are celebrating the long-sought success from your latest interview now finally the last of a long tedious prostrating farce where you pretend to know less than the men who ask questions so they don’t feel uncomfortable in their ignorance but now finally we can put that behind us look forward make plans and live our lives as we do now at the tube stop waiting for the very last train trying to finish the chips before it arrives the heat of the fatbag warming our thighs and they taste like freedom for only a pound and they’ve made this day perfect and somehow profound and we’ve finished them now but the night is still young and so are we and everything is glistening and we are beautiful and suddenly I love you.  

Published by

JP Seabright

wayward word wrangler

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